Barbara Wolf’s Talk

30 Mar 2023

LMU IEC team member Dr. Barbara Wolf gave a presentation on "Transformative competence development: Entrepreneurial Life Design (ELD)” at the IEES - International Entrepreneurship Education Summit

She shed light on how ELD combines human-centered design (DT) with entrepreneurship, offering a potent tool for individuals keen on transforming the world. The objective behind using ELD as a teaching framework is to strengthen self-awareness, shape identity and instill clarity in life for more innovative solutions to life challenges. Consequently, this will empower the individuals to initiate solutions more in line with their interests and also equip them with the necessary tools for essential entrepreneurial problem-solving skills.

We were enthralled by the interest in the topic which we saw in the crowd of people visiting the presentation as well as the participation in a vivid discussion and Q&A session on the topic. Keen to delve deeper into Entrepreneurial Life Design or explore collaborations? Initiate a conversation! Let's perpetuate the scholarly dialogue and collectively drive positive change.

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