26 Jun

Bowing Before Dual Gods:


6:30 pm

26 June 2024


Center for Advanced Studies LMU Seestraße 13 80802, München

Speaker: Prof. Marya Besharov, Ph.D.
Chair: Prof. Dr. Ali Aslan Gümüşay (LMU)

  • Marya Besharov is Professor of Organizations and Impact at the University of Oxford and Academic Director of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. Her research focuses on leadership, social impact, and hybrid organizations. In 2020 she has co-edited the volume Organizational Hybridity: Perspectives, Processes, Contexts (Emerald Publishing). Further publications include: Smith, W. K. & Besharov, M. L. 2019. “Bowing before dual gods: How structured flexibility sustains organizational hybridity.” Administrative Science Quarterly, 64(1): 1-44.; Besharov, M. L. & Mitzinneck, B. 2023. “The multiple facets of corporate purpose: An analytical typology.” Strategy Science.

Lecture Series, Summer Semester 2024 – „Talking about Dis/Similarities. Discourses on Diversity and Uniformity“